Past Students

I sat my Leaving Certificate in 1980. My memories of Colaiste Einde are primarily of Gaelic football, soccer and the study hall, lots of harmless schoolboy pranks and devilment, lots of laughter and camaraderie. The teachers were, with few exceptions, excellent. How or why they do it, is beyond me. Everyone is a product of their past, and in my case, Colaiste Einde helped in the development of one of my main philosophies in life, that is, work hard and play hard. My classmates were fine, ordinary and decent young men without any pretence whatsoever. I am proud of my Colaiste Einde past.

David O’Brien
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Hull Royal Infirmary

I am proud to have been one of the first girls to attend St. Enda’s. From the very start I experienced great support and encouragement from all the staff. With a few months until my final exams at University I remain grateful to St. Enda’s for the great experience it was to attend there, and also for its part in the success that I have achieved.

Adrienne Kemple
Medical Student National University of Ireland Galway

As a past pupil, I have the utmost appreciation and praise for all the teachers at Coláiste Éinde who dedicated their time and energy to the development of each student’s skills and abilities. I attended St. Enda’s the first year it became co-ed. and from the start the college took an active interest in the organisation and promotion of girls’ sports and events. On a personal note, the outstanding dedication and commitment made by the teachers to the girls’ public speaking team, leading to our success as All-Ireland Winners, bestowed on me a desire to pursue a career in law. Overall, my experience at Coláiste éinde imbued me with a greater self-confidence and is one which I will always look back on with fond memories.

Olwyn Kelly
Law Student

I am forever indebted to the profound influence Coláiste Éinde had on me during my formative years. Apart from it being an outstanding school of academic excellence the values it enshrined ran much deeper. Participation in dramatic and musical productions, debating, public speaking, hurling and Gaelic football, plus a host of other sports, not only nurtured in us a love of our culture, customs and traditions, but moulded us into well prepared and confident young persons, ready to meet the challenges of life.

Joe McDonagh
C.E.O. County Galway VEC

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