Parent Information Evening

Date: MONDAY February 9th


Multi-agency Drug & Alcohol Parent Initiative


The aim of the information evening is to inform parents and teachers about the effects and consequences of substance misuse and inform them about available services

Initial Evening Presentation

The presentation will begin at 7.30. We would aim to finish before 9.30PM.


  • Introduction from the Chairperson (Principal/head of Parent’s assoc. or similar), outline of evening from the Education Support Worker (AIDSWest/WRDTF)

  • SPHE policy and practice with reference of substance use and misuse.
  • Your child and the Law: how the Gardai deal with public order offences committed by young people with reference to substance misuse.                                                                                                                                                           -presented by the Gardai
  • The Drugs scene: an overview of the situation and an outline given of the parenting course to follow.                                                                                                                                                               -presented by the Education support worker from the WRDTF
  • Counselling and support services                                                                                                              -presented by HSE drug and alcohol counsellors (or equivalent)
  • Questions to presenters
  • Tea & coffee (and more informal questions)

*Information will also be available for participants to take away. Parents may also wish to ‘sign up’ at this stage for a two-evening parenting programme.

The parenting course is conducted in a more informal way than the initial presentation evening. Although there are some presentations, the emphasis is on interaction with participants in the form of group-work activities including discussion, scenarios and activities.


Facilities & Activites

  • Language Laboratory
  • I.T. Department
  • Science Laboratory
  • Career Guidance
  • Art Room
  • Drama Hall
  • Study Facilities
  • Learning Support Room
  • Sports Pitches
  • Basketball Court
  • Pastoral Care
  • School Chapel