Relationship & Sexuality Workshop for 2nd Years

The two overarching aims of the programme are; i) to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices about their non involvement, or involvement, in sexual activity that will support their happiness, health and well being, ii) to build responsible and respectful attitudes towards gender and sexuality.

The workshops are interactive and participatory with discussions and quizzes. This creates varied sessions which hold the interest of the young participants and increase their ability to integrate the learning. The workshops are age appropriate with materials and exercises being adjusted in order to meet the developmental stage, educational ability and needs of the participants.

Topics include:

  • Relationships – exploring different pressures for girls and boys and what they want from a relationship, brainstorm ‘what is a healthy/unhealthy relationship’ Age of Consent and consent in sexual activity


  • Sexuality – definitions, acknowledging our hetero-normative culture and how that might impact LGBT individuals



  • Internet Pornography – challenging the messages that young people receive from pornography, education around the negative impact, issues of consent, lack of respect for both women and men, body image.


  • STI’s – Information on the different STI’s, What is meant by ‘safer sex’, what happens when a person presents to an STI clinic, information on local services



  • ‘Sexting’ – Exploring why young people might text, Irish law and consequences of ‘sexting’



Dear Parent,

These workshops are scheduled for all 2nd year students on the 9th, 11th & 24th February 2016.  If you do not wish your son/daughter to attend please inform Jane in the office before Wednesday 10th February.


Kind Regards

David O Sullivan HSCL



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